Why Perisho Should be Your Accounting Partner

Perisho Tombor Brown is an accounting firm of distinction.

Perisho is an accounting firm committed to our clients’ success. Our priority is to help you make smart decisions at every turn that will help you achieve your goals.

As a growing firm – our focus is on giving clients access to the best and most experienced professionals in our industry, regardless of the discipline. Even as we grow, we stick to our culture of personal attention and customized services.

We aim to provide value to our clients throughout the life of the relationship and to maintaining an open dialogue. We expect and encourage ongoing communication about the changing business, tax and financial landscape.

Perisho continues to prove that superior thinking and unmatched integrity are a formula for success, for growth, and, most importantly, for client satisfaction.   Our partners are active in all client engagements, and with “Big 4” experience, to provide service directly to you without extra layers of personnel.

Our diverse range of services and specialties will be tailored to your needs.  Whether you are a business or high-net-worth individual, you can count on Perisho to help you grow and succeed.

Our clients of over nineteen years will attest to the fact that we grow with our clients.  We stay on top of the business issues and trends affecting our clients.  We are committed to continuing to learn and understand our clients’ day- to- day business needs.

What makes us different? Our firm structure.