Representative Services

Executive Mentoring

  • Side-by-side assistance in analyzing and making key management and organizational decisions
  • Sharing the experiences of many executive over a wide range of businesses and industries
  • Challenge decisions and recommend directional changes

Organization & Management

  • Corporate Planning Offsite
  • Goal setting and follow-up
  • Obtain “buy-in” from key managers
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis by functional department
  • Develop actionable plan to achieve goals and objectives
  • Appoint “sponsors” and agreed-upon timeline for key improvement goals

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Consult with management on positive and negative attributions of transaction
  • Analyze value of seller to estimate minimum acceptable value
  • Analyze relative value for merger consideration
  • Develop negotiating strategy and assist with transaction structure

Personnel and Employee Benefits

  • Assist with decision to create new positions
  • Place advertisements for key positions
  • Screen resumes for presentation to management
  • Assist with financial and tax implications of stock option plans
  • Consult on consideration Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Capital Requirements and Budgeting

  • Assist in preparation of projected income statement and balance sheet
  • Analyze buy versus lease decisions
  • Consult on fair allocation of overhead
  • Analyze profitability by line-of-business

Bank Introduction and Financing

  • Introduction to potential lenders
  • Preparation of “loan proposal package”
  • Meet with potential lenders to discuss terms and conditions
  • Study loan agreement and make recommendations for suitable and practical covenants
  • Assist in negotiating loan amount and conditions
  • Assist in “work-out” cases involving violated loan conditions
  • Prepare financial projection including ratios and covenants to test for compliance with proposed loan agreement

Strategic Profitability

  • Preparation of profitability projection model
  • Customize model to specific company and industry
  • Analyze profitability by product line and line-of-business
  • Prepare benchmark analysis against industry norms and averages
  • Analyze accounts receivable, inventory and fixed asset management