Representative Services

Perisho Tombor Brown offers a variety of specialized accounting and auditing services including:

Performance/Profit Planning

  • Prepare charts and graphs and special management reports (Business Performance Analysis Reports) summarizing financial highlights and trends, and liquidity and profitability ratios; all measured against industry statistics to help business owners analyze and benchmark their financial results.
  • Analyze sustainable growth rates to assist management in planning profitability, asset turnover and financial leverage parameters
  • Assist companies in a wide variety of finance and accounting related projects to enhance business performance and profitability

Lease/Buy Decisions

  • Prepare lease vs. buy analysis for government contractors to document that computer operating leases would result in less cost to the government
  • Prepare analysis of equipment and facility leases to determine whether capital lease criteria specified in accounting standards are met
  • Prepare position papers on the accounting for sale-leaseback transactions involving special purpose entities


  • Assist in the preparation of operating and capital budgets
  • Develop financial models to budget divisional or business-line operations and aggregate amounts into consolidated company totals

Capital Budgeting

  • Develop capital budgeting processes for companies, including guidelines on how quantitative analysis methods should be used to evaluate capital investment opportunities
  • Property and Equipment
    • Assist in establishing policies and procedures to control capital assets including asset tagging, physical inventories, capital budget approvals, purchase authorizations and custody controls over portable computer equipment
    • Assist in establishing depreciation and lease obligation records

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Assist in preparing forecasted balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements with analysis of ratios compared to bank covenant requirements
  • Assist with forecasting net income and determining a dividend and distribution policy that meest the needs of both stockholders and creditors
  • Provide assistance in preparing projected financial statements to obtain additional debt or equity financing
  • Assist in restructuring loans and covenants and negotiating increases in lines of credit
  • Assist troubled companies in developing a plan to enable them to continue current operations and retire outstanding bank debt
  • Assist companies with the overall development of a business plan for use in obtaining financing

Insurance/Risk Management

  • Review insurance policies and advise on coverages
  • Analyze and correct the accounting for complex deferred compensation plans funded with life insurance

Cost Accounting

  • Assist in analyzing activity-based costing behavior of expense accounts and the development of product line profitability analysis
  • Assist manufacturing companies in establishing and implementing a standard cost and material requirements planning (MRP) system
  • Develop labor overhead rates for job cost systems

Accounting Procedures Manual

  • Assist in the development of an accounting procedures manual covering key accounting cycles such as accounts receivable, cash management, payroll, property and equipment, and accounts payable
  • Perform tests and analyses of adherence to accounting procedures and contract compliance.

Credit and Collections

  • Prepare accounts receivable reports to analyze agings, days sales outstanding and variance from performance targets
  • Draft a credit and collection policy manual

Property and Equipment

  • Assist in establishing policies and procedures to control capital assets including:
    • asset tagging
    • physical inventories
    • capital budget approvals
    • purchase authorizations
    • custody controls over portable computer equipment
  • Assist in establishing depreciation and lease obligation records

Cash Management

  • Evaluate current cash controls to identify problem areas and develop recommendations to improve cash internal controls over cash
  • Develop short-term cash reports to monitor cash balances and bank float to reduce line of credit borrowings

Cost Reduction Analysis

  • Assist in establishing goals for profitability and cost reductions by preparing low cost summaries of expenses for the recent years with percentages of each figure in relation to sales
  • Assist in determining which costs have remained in line and which costs have exceeded the increase in sales percentages