Tax Planning and Compliance

We help minimize business and personal taxes by developing planning strategies tailored to your specific needs while constantly monitoring new and proposed changes in tax laws.


Every day headlines reflect how the federal and state governments are raising tax rates, tightening loopholes and increasing the complexity of regulations. As a result, companies like yours may be paying more taxes than necessary. We can help you minimize corporate and personal taxes, work to identify potential tax savings in your current operations and help you plan for the future.

Choosing an appropriate form of business entity is important. We will work with you to make effective use of partnerships, S Corporations, foreign entities and trusts, and help to develop the best strategy for ensuring an orderly succession of your business.

We’ll help you minimize corporate and personal taxes tailored to your specific needs and develop the best strategy for many of the new or proposed changes in tax laws and regulations.

“Perisho is extremely knowledgeable in financial and audit matters, and has always been very helpful and accommodating for all of our needs. They have really made a difference by treating us as if we were a top priority and top client, even allowing us direct access to the audit partner at all times. I would definitely give Perisho a 5-star rating and highly recommend their services.”
Christine Marzouk, Controller and Director of Finance
Manpower, Inc./California Peninsula