Representative Services

In their search for revenue, federal and state governments are raising tax rates, tightening loopholes and increasing the complexity of regulations.

Like many companies, yours may be paying more taxes than it needs to. To help you minimize corporate and personal taxes we will work with you to identify potential tax savings in your current operations while helping you plan for the future.

What’s the best strategy for ensuring an orderly succession of your business? How can you make effective use of partnerships, S Corporations, foreign entities and trusts? The answers to these types of questions need to be the right answers for you and your situation. We will help you understand the relevant issues for making informed decisions.

Keeping current on tax laws impacting you is critical. We are committed to keeping you up-to-date on new and proposed changes in federal and state laws and regulations. Most importantly, working together we will plan an integrated tax strategy tailored to your business and personal goals.

Minimize Income Taxes

We prepare individual tax projections to assist clients in transaction analysis for:

  • Section 1031 like-kind exchanges of real property
  • Exercising incentive stock options and non qualified stock options
  • Choosing alternative vehicles for investment purposes
  • Determining the amount of withholding and payments required to avoid federal and state estimated tax penalties
  • Tax planning throughout the year

We prepare corporate tax projections to assist clients in transaction analysis for:

  • Employing an Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC DISC)
  • The use of an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) to buy-out a majority shareholder
  • The sale of the Company’s assets vs. the sale of the Company’s stock to a potential acquirer
  • Quarterly federal and multiple states estimated tax payments
  • Tax planning throughout the year

Estates and Trusts

  • Assist business owners and high-net-worth individuals plan and design their estates
  • Design tax-efficient gifting strategies
  • Assist with charitable gift planning
  • Advise on the efficient use of trusts
  • Administer estates according to decedent’s estate plan
  • Prepare estate, trust and gift tax returns
  • Compile trust accountings

Prepare Tax Returns

  • Prepare federal, California and multistate corporate income tax returns for privately-held companies
  • Analyze the “nexus” (establishing an income tax presence) activities in companies operating outside of California
  • Prepare returns for publicly-held companies filing in multiple states with foreign subsidiaries

IRS/State Tax Examinations

  • Represent companies, individuals and estates in audits by taxing authorities from examination to appeals

Plan Tax Structures

  • Assist clients in choosing the appropriate business forms to meet financial goals
  • Analyze the tax and business differences in operating a C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, partnership, LLP or sole proprietorship
  • Real estate accounting and tax assistance including:
    • Acquisition planning and projections
    • Entity choice analysis
    • Accounting systems and procedures
    • Tax planning and structuring
    • Rehabilitation credit and facade easement donations

International Tax Planning

  • Analysis of the utilization of an ICDISC (Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation).
  • Assist in setting up operations throughout the world.
  • Collaborate with international tax experts from host country accounting firms to set up the optimum operating and tax vehicles abroad.
  • When specialized skills are called for, such as those involved in complex international tax transactions, we have immediate access to specialists