Your Partners for Professional Tax and Business Advisory Services

  • Tax Planning & Compliance We’ll help you minimize corporate and personal taxes and develop the best strategy for many of the new or proposed changes in tax laws and regulations.
  • Business Advisory Services We’ll work with you to identify your business growth options, explore the pros and cons of each, and suggest solutions that reflect your corporate and individual needs.
  • Business Valuation Services Our business valuation services are headed by Jim Brown, Partner, who has been awarded the designation Accredited Senior Appraiser by the American Society of Appraisers.
Perisho is a recognized leader in the Bay Area for tax, business advisory and valuation services. With our office in Campbell, we provide services tailored to the needs of privately-held companies, their owners and related estates and trusts throughout Silicon Valley.

Recognized Leaders

Selecting a CPA firm that is a recognized leader in quality, integrity and service is essential. .

Choosing A CPA Firm

Not all firms provide the same range of services. Start by analyzing your current and projected financial needs and decide what you want from your CPA firm. A no-obligation call to Perisho will help determine if our services are best for you.

Keeping Current

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